7 Day Mini Decluttering Course


Hello! Welcome to my mini-course on getting a jump start on decluttering. Over the next week, I will be giving you a mission that will take less than an hour. The goal of this course is to get you started and give you the right momentum to keep going even after the week is done.

This challenge is about getting rid of things from your life. In doing so, I ask you to think about how you are disposing the items.  Here is an excerpt from my book:

Ethical Discarding Order

  1. sell your items
  2. give to a family who needs the items
  3. donate items to charities or thrift stores
  4. recycle items that are deemed recyclable
  5. discard items in the trash. *Please do this only if the items are beyond repairable, usable or recyclable.

All I ask is 30-60 minutes of your time everyday for the next week. Let’s get started!

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