Day 1 | Decluttering Mini-Course

Today we are going to start off easy and tackle our junk drawers. I used to have several drawers dedicated to “junk.” I crammed in random bits and pieces that didn’t have an official home in my room. These drawers will become overfilled, overflowing messes. I never took things out and used them again; I just kept cramming things in I didn’t want to deal with.

Today, I want you to find your junk drawers and tackle them. Empty all their contents onto a clean space and go through each item. Broken items should be discarded, things that are important should be taken back to their proper homes and the rest should be sorted into two piles: keep and give away.

Be honest with yourself. If you know you’re not going to use the item again, get rid of it. Keeping it only adds to the clutter that you’re already frustrated with.

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