Going GREEN!

Make Easy, Eco-Friendly Changes 
 to Lower Your Bills By Next Month

Saving money should be easy.

You don’t have to chase down coupons or be glued to sale ads. You can slash your main bills by doing one thing — being eco-friendly!

Many personal finance blogs will have you giving up coffee or downloading apps and surveys to gain points to earn “free” gift cards.

They’ll even reiterate basic tips like pack your own lunch for work, find coupons and look for free things to do.

And those things are great and will save you money for sure! But, I was doing all that and still not getting anywhere financially.

I needed to lower my main bills. And yo! Living an eco-friendly lifestyle gets me to where I want to go effortlessly while reducing my carbon footprint.

Think of it as saving the Earth and your wallet at the same time.

How Does It Work?

The key to saving money is to spend less than your income. That’s it.

So you need to budget and track your money. However, even if you do that you might find yourself stuck… 

So you should look at your main bills. Those are the items that are holding most of your money each month.

The best way to slash those bills is by adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle. That is the key to saving a lot of money every month. So how do you do this?

  1. Commit to easy, eco-friendly changes
  2. See your bills get smaller
  3. Use the extra savings towards your financial goals!

The Slash Your Bills eBook Bundle will show you how it’s done.

You best believe I’ve been there.

I tried many things to save money.

I became a minimalist and cut down on my spending, and I stopped eating out as much. But my bills were still outrageous.

Therefore, I started implementing more eco-friendly habits that I’ve picked up over the years, and I watched my bills get smaller and smaller.

Lowering your bills is the key to getting more money in your bank. And if it’s easy, why not?!

You don’t have to track more things. You just have to pay your bill every month like you normally do, and they will be smaller than usual!

I have a family of 10, so my electric bill is sky-high. Using KT’s tips, I was able to get a $250 bill down to around $160 each month!!! My lowest month so far was $124!

Heather D., Dyersburg, TN

What Do You Get?

Here’s the deal.

Three of your main bills are groceries, electricity, and water. Let’s slash these bills with this bundle.

EBook 1: Slash Your Grocery Bill

This is the AMAZING system that I used to cut my grocery bill in HALF! A method that doesn’t require coupons and something I can do while sitting on my ass.

The eBook is the 14-step system broken up into 4 sections. You also get a bonus section in the back where I walk you through the system with a real-life example!

EBook 2: Slash Your Electric Bill

This is when you finally get that electric bill under control. These green changes are easy, but they pack a mega PUNCH! Every watt makes a difference.

The best part is… IT’S EASY! It takes no effort to make most of these changes.

32 Tips and you don’t have to implement all of them right away to see a difference.

EBook 3: Slash Your Water Bill

Stop the leaks! Your water bill may be one of your smallest bills already, but you can still slash it!

This 22-page guide is going to help you save as much water as you can without going dry 😉

Get This Bonus !

As a bonus, I’m throwing in the eBook Save Money FAST. This guide isn’t exactly about being eco-friendly, but it’s full of tips to cut down bills like cable, phone, and rent/mortgage. Definitely something you need when you’re SLASHING bills.

You also get access to all future updates and bonuses. We’re working on a guide to slashing your trash bill and your household expenses (toiletrees, cleaning supplies, ect)

It’s a guarantee, baby!

I guarantee that you will slash your main bills within one billing cycle because these changes can be implemented immediately. You will definitely save more than what this bundle of ebooks is worth.

If you don’t save any money within a billing cycle (within 45 days), I’ll give you your money back. 😀

I HAVE to add this in… We reserve the right to decline returns if any illegal or unethical activities regarding our books have taken place.

I just “slashed” my food bill by $100! Now I get to put that into my travel fund. I’m so excited!!

Kimberley J., Gettysburg, PA

What About You?

I love spreading the eco-friendly message. I get so excited because it’s my passion 🙂

By now, you understand one of the benefits is that it can save you a ton of cash. You’ve seen how it has not only helped me slash my bills but countless other people as well.

So now it’s time for you to make a decision.

There’s 3 types of people:

  1. Those who want to get their finances in order, but don’t want to change.
  2. Those who continue to meticulously track their spending but see no results.
  3. Those who see an easy, new way of life and jump for it.

Surprisingly, not many people are in the 3rd category… are you?

Who The Hell Am I?

I’m KT

If you LOVE to SAVE MONEY, I’m your gurl. 

I love living the eco-friendly lifestyle because it’s good for the planet AND IT SAVES ME A BUNCH OF MONEY!

I started the eco-friendly life back in 2009. Since then I have read countless books, blogs, scientific journals/papers, and have taken two college courses on Environmentalism, climate change and reducing carbon footprints.

I’m the “weird, natural hippy” in my family. But that’s okay because I know the benefits! I have used my eco-friendly lifestyle to lower my bills while making a difference.

Not only do I want more people to be eco-friendly (because this bitch is burning up) but I want the lifestyle to have a positive impact on your life. That way… you’ll stick with the lifestyle!

Let me help you slash your bills the green way.